October 26th, 2005

not my job - slod

They call them classics for a reason, huh?

1. I am, right this very moment, slashing David Copperfield with my mind. Guiding star of his existence, eh?

2. War & Peace/SGA: Prince Andrew=John? Piere (sort of)= Rodney? Anyone feel like that? Bueller?

3. It's Wednesday night, and I'm so tired and worn out from the past week or so that staring at the blinking cursor of the paper I'm writing is lulling me into a hypnotic sleep. Somebody, please, make something interesting happen before I die of total fatigue.

4. hth_the_first's Alpha Centauri series is really, really amazing. I really highly reccomend it because it's messy, and human and smart and she writes so well that it's enough to make me want to just back away from the word processor and turn to interpretive falling (because you know that's what me doing interpretive dance would so quickly morph into) to express myself. I'm still wrapping my mind around it before I can say anything really smart about it, but honestly, go and check it out. The lady is brilliant.
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