December 18th, 2005

sloth - miss_jaffacake

How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

First off, I find it amusing that TNT has a commercial that goes like this: "Next weekend, all the drama is on TNT, starting with Legally Blonde." I was unaware that Legally Blonde - while a fun silly movie that I enjoy probably more than anyone else I know - was a nail-biting drama of epic proportions. The things you learn from commercials. The things you learn.

Secondly, my uterus is staging a rebellion against me, again. I've launched a counter attack with many many Aleves, but alas, it seems that our forces are equally arrayed and there has been little to no change. Damn you, uterus. Damn you.

Thirdly, I continue to not move forward on my yuletide fic, which is a lifestyle choice that I probably wouldn't characterize as particularly *valid* or anything, but it's what's happening.

Fourthly, and I've saved the best for middle so as to not start off in a place of OMGSPAZZSQUEE but to lead up to it, kind of, and give you a full range of emotions within this post, OMGSPAZZSQUEE slodwick MADE ME A COVER AND IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND IT IS FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITE STORIES AND YAY YAYA!!! It's a cover for my Good Will Hunting fic, Shelf Life (Go West Young Man Two Step), and it's just -- look at the sky and the water and the PERFECT of it all. (!!!!!!)

Fifthly, I have my apartment alllll to myself, and it is a wondrous thing. All the crappy scifi I want, and no one to make me watch E! True Hollywood stories. I love my roomates, but I do love my solitude as well.

Sixthly, I have a sickness, and it's called 'Listening Over and Over to David Gray-Itis'. Seriously, the amount of times today ALONE that I've listened to 'This Year's Love' is just not for the best. Honestly.
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viking! - slod

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Anybody have Icebound Stream by Laura Viers? I'm totally jonesing for that song, and if any of y'all could help a girl out, I'd be very very pleased. Thanks!
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