December 28th, 2005

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So I'm watching Seaquest and remembering my crush on Jonathan Brandeis (it was epic, once) and enjoying the coffee from my Christmas coffee maker (it's black and shiny like a helicopter! and can be autoprogrammed to make coffee before I wake up so I just have to stumble blearily to the kitchen and find a mug before stretching and coming to life like Dolly Parton in 9 to 5!) and staring at my apartment filled with home improvement zest. Yesterday I built a table (out of cinderblocks) and filled a book case and thought about hanging a mirror and felt like Martha Stewart or Ty from that show that always makes me cry. It was a good day.

But largely right now I'm here to jump right up on a bandwagon: Guess my yuletide story and I'll write you a ficlet, ladies and gents. Yes, yes I will.

I'm going to go back to crooning love songs to my coffee maker now. You were meant for me, coffee maker. Yes. Yes you were.

Merry/Happy/Joyous Holidays, all!
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My brilliance astounds EVEN ME.

Okay. HI. You guys.

Why is there no Top Gun SGA Fusion!?!? OR Top Gun/SGA CROSSOVER!?!?!? Because - check it. Maverick is an Air Force instructor when John would have been in the Air Force instruction type areas!!!! If he flew planes before helicopters - and I know nothing about any of this, keep that in mind - maybe he would have gone to TOP GUN! And then and then and then -- Iceman and Maverick and John! OR John IS Maverick and Rodney is the blonde chick with the cool car and the massive eyeglasses who tells Maverick he can't go below the hardeck! (And break a major rule of engangement!!!)

In conclusion: IT IS PERFECT.
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