January 3rd, 2006

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I hab a colt.

Or, at least that's what it sounds like if I tell you that I have a cold today. My brother, sweetly enough, gave me this cold. Last night I ended up spending the night at my grandparent's because I went to go see the Chronicles of Narnia with them and have dinner, and after dinner I sat down on their couch...and woke up around nine this morning. Damned colt. Cold. Whatever.

In other news: The cat won't get off my lap. I go to the bathroom and she sits outside crying until I come back out. I'm so busy blowing my nose, wiping my eyes, and coughing I can't really appreciate the cute of it, so I've decided to share it with all of you in order for her to get some kind of an 'Aww' out of her care for me.

So, I wrote LA Confidential for Yuletide. A story called Epilogue, that really wouldn't exist without the help of seperis and hackthis who talked me down from the ledge that was the badfic I nearly wrote and posted. And! I received a wonderful story from hederahelix called Noir et Blanche, Fastlane, Van/Deaq.

I want to write, you guys. But I'm all sick and such and have literally no inspiration. I keep thinking about putting John and Rodney in Florida some how, but as far as that ever goes in my brain is "Rodney can't eat keylime pie hahahahahah! Conch fritters are good!"

*hangs head* My thoughts are sad, cold thoughts. Damned snow.
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punching romeo

Cooking shows.

I've been watching the cooking channel or whatever it's called for the past several hours, and you know, I want a cooking show. I want a cooking show called, "What We've Got". It'd go a little like this:

*looks into cabinet*

Nifra: Okay, guys, looks today like we've got bisquick, frozen hamburger, limes, crystallized ginger, some cereal and fruit wraps and uhm, I don't know - frozen cauliflower? Or maybe those are potstickers. We'll have to figure that out. Oh, thank God. Soy sauce. Today we're making a thing with that.

I was thinking about recipes to post to LJ, but the more I think about it, the more everything I do in the kitchen tends to be totally off the cuff. I just kind of throw things together for as long as it feels like they should cook and that's about it. I'm entirely poor with recipes, because I usually don't read them all the way through and assume I know how to do things better. It's all very sad. And yet, somehow, everything usually turns out pretty well, so that's nice.

In lieu of posting recipes, I wrote ficlets for estrella30. She said to sex up spring and - oh God my cat literally just sat on the hands I was typing with (though I say that as if I have other hands). Uhm. Anyway. So, I wrote a Good Will Hunting ficlet and a very poor Romeo & Juliet one. I may continue to write season related ficlets. I think you should all tell me what to do with myself. I'm medicated, and in need of direction, but I make few promises.
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