January 4th, 2006

my life is all caps


It's legitimate for me to wear my pajamas beneath my every day clothes, today, right? Also, it's equally legitimate for me to answer the phone every time it rings with a, "No, I wasn't sleeping, and yes, I'm sick" instead of hello, given that my voice sounds a bit like Vin Diesel's, right? (Finally! We are as one!)

I am so unbearably cranky today that I simply cannot deal with my father's over-protectiveness. He's called me four times already today and it's not even ten in the morning yet. The last time he called with a plethora of little suggestions about how to make my life easier, or rather, stupid things I should probably not do and could figure out on my own because having a fever doesn't make you stupid, I yelled at him that if he wanted to help me, then he could order me lunch, pay for it, and get it sent to me around noon, otherwise, I was doing fine, thank you, and yes, I know how to operate my own damned oven, thanks.

He was somewhat nonplussed.

Ahh, well. In conclusion: I want lip balm.
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