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Okay, this is ridiculously hard, picking top five fictional characters from fannish shows, because first I had to decide if it was going to be shows I'm fannish about or shows other people are fannish about because there are some shows I love too much to be fannish about (which is weird, and I totally get that, but I think if I were to read a characterization of Pembleton that was wrong, wrong, so very wrong, I'd flip out), and then I had to just sit there for a long time and think, "God, who do I love most?!??" It's a wrenching decision to make! You should probably all know that these characters would have been different if I'd done this list at a different time, but this is what I was feeling today.

Top Five Fictional Characters from Fannish Shows, and I'll tell you, it surprised *me*. Collapse )

More, more more! Ask me to do more top 5 lists! Please! I need anything to do these days, and these make me think and are fun. Also, hell. You know what? If you want me to do one of those pairing analysis things, I'll do those again, too. Just comment here and request.
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