January 22nd, 2006

Writing - Boxedslod

Revealing writing.

So, do you all ever go through a spell where every time you sit down to write something, your story idea takes off a little and then as you think about how you're going to make it happen on paper you realize, "Oh, that's not a story idea....that's my life, with the names and faces changed to protect the innocent. Awesome. No wonder I kept thinking, 'Gee, John sure is falling down a lot in this story.'" Because I'll have you all know that these days that seems to be about all I've got. I mean, most of the ideas are things that are fairly mundane, and easily writable and could work in the fandoms I've thought of for them, but now that I've realized the way that I'm therapizing myself with these story ideas (none of which have actually gotten written, which is another great way to tell when there's a lie in a story idea) I feel that it's just too transparent, and weird.

It's strange how hard I've found it to write in the past....months and months, actually. I feel like something's clamped down somehow, I've developed a writing artery that's unhealthily clogged by blcokage. I need writerly triple by-pass surgery or something. It's all very distressing, particularly because I've started thinking of really awesome titles that someday I'd like to use for -- oh, you know, *anything*, which used to be the absolute hardest part of writing for me. I used have this fantasy of just giving in to my inability to title things and naming every story after a great Civil War battle. pearl_o and lyra_sena both often had to take me aside and say, "Honey. You really can't call this story Antietam. No, honestly."

I still kind of don't believe it. Antietam would be a great name for basically anything. I stand by that.
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