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Because I wrote more Cylon Baby!Daddies! I'm feeling like I might snippet in this from time to time, because, y'all - Helo and Chief! Baby!Daddies! It may not make much sense if you haven't read this.

Cylon Baby!Daddies AU, spoilers for Download. Collapse )
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28 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
If God was kind, I would marry Stephen Colbert.
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28 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
So, there comes a point when you look into your cupboard and you see the following things: ramen, ramen, ramen, and more ramen, a jar of holland onions, a can of olives and some tomato paste. Eating more ramen feels like slowly killing yourself, so you think "Tomato paste. I can do something with that, right?"

The answer is absolutely yes! Especially if you borrow pasta from your room mate and find a very old but still edible bell pepper in the fridge! My pasta is delicious! And absolutely not at all ramen! Thank God! The holland onions are maybe a somewhat odd addition to the sauce, but hey, it works. And if you cover anything with a lot of pepper, it pretty much just tastes like delicious, delicious pepper. In conclusion, DINNER: ACCOMPLISHED.

Also, hidden in the back of my refrigerator was a bottle of good beer that I remember buying long, long ago. My kitchen is the kitchen that just keeps giving.

In other news: there's a blister on my toe that I feel is mocking me. You will not beat me, blister. You will not keep me down; I will not allow it.

And, okay, what I'm about to say next is going to sound weird, but I think we all have these little issues from time to time. But honestly, if I hear one more compliment on my breasts, I may lose my temper entirely. I mean, compliments are nice, sure, but you know what? When you're a D-cup from 4th grade onward, you get sick of people noticing your chest region before other parts of you, and you're pretty much over hearing talk about your breasts. I mean, really? Pick another part of the body to compliment, I don't care if you are 1) a really good friend trying to tell you that you look hot in a new shirt, or 2) a significant other trying to be sexy or really anything at all.

Here, I'll even help, world: I have nice eyes! My calves are very shapely! My fingers are long! I have delicate wrists and a lady like mouth! (Lady like in terms of shape, not in terms of what I say, because that would just be funny.) I have pert elbows! My nose is refined! My chin speaks to my determination and defiance!

Just, for the love of God, universe, leave my breasts out of it. The end.
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28 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
I have: slept five hours
boogied the night away
changed my socks
coughed until point of near retching

I have not: fully woken up yet
made my coffee maker work
had any caffeine
finished the paper due today
done the reading for today.

I cannot: skip class.
run away to Mexico and change my name to Esperanza.
run away to Montreal and change my name to Marie Francoise.
run away to Milan and change my name to Isabella.
buy coffee.
park remotely near where I'm going to need to be on campus.
freak out!!!
go back to bed.

I will: perservere.
answer to my actual name until circumstances really dictate a flight to another country.
fake having done the reading.
fake being awake/take a nap later.
throw myself upon the altar of fate and hope that everything turns out the way I wish it to.

Right. Onward. Here I go. Dear God, here I go.
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28 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
I will not have to be Esperanza, Marie Francoise, or Isabella any time soon. I walked into class to the beautiful sound of my teacher saying "Paper extension" and then "Let's not talk about the reading today". Someone up there loves me, I will tell you what.

What we did talk about though, was motherhood, and conceptions thereof. Somehow, a full two hours talking about bilogical impulses to be a mother, and the way that one responds physically to holding a tiny baby in their arms has filled me with the tick, tick, ticking of my own insistent imperative to procreate, and I'll say this: if ever it was clear that our bodies do not neccesarily want what is most sensible, this is an instance of that. But since my ovaries are all 'Woo! Babies!' I have decided to bring you....*drum roll* more Cylon Baby Daddies! (Or, The Brave Little Toaster and Her Two Daddies and definitely not Antietam, no matter how much I may wish to call this that, because doing so would lead to me being shanked so hard by lyra_sena).

Cylon Baby Daddies! Collapse )

Previous snippets here and here.

I'ma need either a Chief or Helo icon if this keeps up; can't have my two sweet fathers being under-represented.
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28 February 2006 @ 01:59 pm
I have things I want to say about the last episode of BSG, but I must run away very shortly. In lieu of that, I bring to you more Cylon Baby Daddies. No spoilers for the last epi.

Cylon Baby Daddies. I'm trying to decide what to actually call it and I'm teetering between 'A Ghost and a Hinge' and 'Down to the Bone'. Oh, how I love my boys. Collapse )

Previous installments here, here, and here.
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