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Hello Hello Hello! Top of the morning!

I am still in my pajamas after having indulged in some Ioan-tastic television with my darling lyra_sena who is here! We ate cinnamon buns and bread eggs and had coffee and life is lovely lovely lovely! Even if I am still sick, but shhh, we are not discussing that right now.

The thing is this: Does anybody out there know of/have any Iron Jawed Angels screencaps or icons? Lyra and I watched it last night, and she fell madly in love with it, as I have in the past. I cannot reccomend this movie highly enough, you guys. It still shocks me to the bone every time I see it, because I just did not know half the things women had to go through to get suffrage, and it moves me to tears. Women have only been voting for like, what? Less than 90 years at this point? Sweet Jesus.

Uhm. But at any rate? Lyra and I are begging you all to point us towards icons, if possible. It's a gorgeously shot film, and we loves it precious. Yes, we does.

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