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For wychwood: Top 5 Fictional Characters from Fannish Shows!

Okay, this is ridiculously hard, picking top five fictional characters from fannish shows, because first I had to decide if it was going to be shows I'm fannish about or shows other people are fannish about because there are some shows I love too much to be fannish about (which is weird, and I totally get that, but I think if I were to read a characterization of Pembleton that was wrong, wrong, so very wrong, I'd flip out), and then I had to just sit there for a long time and think, "God, who do I love most?!??" It's a wrenching decision to make! You should probably all know that these characters would have been different if I'd done this list at a different time, but this is what I was feeling today.

Top Five Fictional Characters from Fannish Shows

5. Hallucinatory!Six, Battlestar Galactica - I'm not putting her on here because I love her more than other characters (which I probably do) but mainly because I find the very existence of her character so intriguing. I mean - what the hell is she? Nobody knows! Can she contact the rest of the Cylon fleet? Nobody knows! Can you trust even one thing she says? Nobody knows! Nobody! Not anybody! She's not an implant, and she clearly knows too much about what's going on in the greater world to be a hallucination of Gaius', plus if she was his hallucination you'd suddenly have to spend a lot of time wondering why the hell his subconscious wants him to be doing the things she tells him to do. The sex part makes sense if she's a hallucination, but getting the plutonium from Adama for the Cylon tester? Lying about what Sharon is to everybody? The whole thing with the baby? Makes absolutely no sense unless you're going to tell me that Gaius is a Cylon sleeper agent, which seems ridiculous to me. But either way, I am simply not buying the idea that she's an angel sent by the Cylon God, mainly because we don't know enough about the Cylon God (it's make up? how they communicate with it?) for me to buy it.

I personally think it would rule - and no way is this happening - if it turned out that Six was the ghost of the Six he'd known. Some kind of phantom electrical signal or something. And that there were lot of people on Galactica who saw Cylon ghosts - though none of them interacted with them like Baltar does with Six because they realize that it's just not sane, and they think it's part of post-traumatic stress or something. Like, Chief sometimes sees the old Boomer, and Kara sometimes sees Leoben, and Tigh sometimes sees Doral, Adama sees Shelley Godfrey (not Six, but Shelley Godfrey who is a seperate character to me). But anyway. That's what I think about sometimes.

4. Lindsey Macdonald, Angel - I love him. This is a sheer love appointment to the list. He sings. He has an evil hand. He's somewhat conflicted at times, but mainly because he doesn't like being controlled. He loves hard, and he loves without any hope whatsoever and so he gets angry and then his eyes do this glittery hard thing and he looks wicked hot. I think what I love most about Lindsey is his obvious contempt for pretending that bullshit isn't going on. He'll go with the bullshit, sure, but to pretend that it isn't there is something he'll never do. I love when he says, "I am tired of this crap," when he's quitting Wolfram & Hart; it's so weary, and disgusted with everyone. He wants a game where he makes the rules, and I totally support that. Maybe his arc should have ended there, because it was a really nice tying up of a lot of things, but it didn't. And maybe I loved him a little more when he returned, because you guys know what? He was right. You can argue with me all you want on that one, but I say that Lindsey was right when he went into Wolfram & Hart, said, "Angel, you're one of the bad guys now. You're playing by their rules, doing what they want to bring the apocalypse about, and I'm going to stop you." He was trying to be a hero, and yeah, taking some glee in being righteous while Angel was Mr. Morally Ambiguous man. Because who better knows what Wolfram & Hart can do to a person slowly, insidiously? Oh, I'ma say -- nobody because Lilah went in with her eyes open, while Lindsey was a little snowed, I think. So, he tries to be a good guy and he feels so bad he gets his heart ripped out every night, though I'll never understand why he was with Eve of all people, what a bore. And then Angel just, you know, has Lorne kill him. And Lindsey's last words -- man. Those got to me. Because here's the thing: he knew that the alliance wasn't forever, he probably knew that he wouldn't be able to play by Angel's rules and that he'd be yo-yoing around trying to find a game he could control and Angel would take exception and that would be that. Angel would kill him. He knew it, and he fought anyway. Then -- *throws hands up in disgust*

Anyway, he sings and he's pretty and he wears suits and I have unholy love/lust for him. Moving on.

3. Al Swearengen, Deadwood - It does not take a fucking genius to see that the inner workings of Al's mind set themselves to rotating and moving like the small wheels of a fucking clock, such as to make this fucking cocksucker one of the more shrewd - if not more fuckin' personable - of characters that might be found in fucking fandom. Do not fucking misapprehend me; Al Swearengen's right full of piss and blood, and ain't nobody who'd be enough of a hooplehead to waste their breath to say he's a fucking saint, or any fucking kind of pristine cocksucker. Man runs whores and booze and is not fucking afraid to use a heavy fucking hand to coax people around. Don't take perfect fucking vision to see he has ended people in order to get where he is, but more important, he's fucking ended people to get Deadwood where it is, pisshole of a town that it may be.

I really can't keep up the Deadwood talk too much longer, so I'ma revert back to my normal speech. But at any rate, Al's a twisty turny guy. When you're first introduced, you think he has a soul black as sin, but it turns out that he loves Trixie, and he's a good guy....kind of? He's good to Jewel, who works for him - although he does mock her. And while he is certainly a truly fucked up individual, he tries to protect the town in his own way. Granted, protecting the town protects Al, but -- I think what I'm trying to say is that I would prefer to be in a town protected by Al than one protected by Seth. I would rather be someone that Al cared about than someone that Seth cared about. Seth's a hypocrite, and too rash. Al's a lot of things, but he sure as hell isn't a hypocrite.

2. Zoe Washburn, Firefly - You guys. She fucking rules. She's a warrior woman. She's seen things that have scorched Mal so deeply that he hasn't recovered, but she still has her humor. She still has hope, and she loves, and she has compassion, and she can think past war-mode, which Mal still hasn't been able to. She's a bad ass, and she's funny, and she has unshakeable loyalty. Plus she wears that vest that I love. It's shallow, I know, but sometimes I'm like that when assessing characters. But mainly, one of the biggest reasons I mourned the passing of Firefly was that we never got to see more of Zoe, and I feel like she was woefully underused on the show. I wanted to see her in lots of different situations, to see more of her dry, dry humor and who she was to Mal, who she was to Wash, who she was to everybody. She didn't have a big enough part in the movie to make me happy. It should have been the all Zoe show, is what I think sometimes in my more Go Warrior Woman! moments.

1. Oh God it's too hard!!! I can think of three that I'd put here, so I'll make it a three way tie.

1a. Horatio Hornblower, Horatio Hornblower - What? It's a television show! *defensive* Okay. It's Ioan. I love Ioan. But mainly I love Horatio because he's so puppyish, and so eager to be good at what he does. He's honest, and he's sweet, and he tries so hard, and he's got such unexpected moments of tenderness and steelyness. This guy is the guy that you want on your side, because he'll teach you the honorable way to fight a war, and he'll help you win it as best he can. (Granted, Al Swearengen would be sure that you won it, no matter the means, which is why I'd want Al on my side more if I had to pick, but I'd probably prefer hanging out with Horatio.)

1b. Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Her whole arc is fascinating. The push/pull between her and Buffy, and the way that Faith is the embodiment of need. She's sex and drugs and rock and roll and violence in this package that keeps slipping open to show a little skin, a little bit of the stuff that's roiling below the surface. There's just so much there, and it's raw and naked and plus, she's hot.

1c. Dana Scully, The X-Files - I imprinted on Scully. I had the Scullycut for longer than I can actually tell you. On days when I'm feeling questionable about the world, I sometimes consider reverting to the Scully hair cut. But, anyway, she just -- I just love her. I know she gets rigid and strident at times, almost annoyingly so, and you can want to shake her and say, "See what's right before you" but I think what I love most about this character is that as angry as she gets, as honed down by the shit she has to face, she never loses the ability to feel compassion. She never becomes as self-absorbed as say, you know, Mulder. She nearly dies a million times, and she just gets right back up, and she tries again. She's smart, and she's focused, and she's dangerous, and she's capable and I love her. I have always loved her, and it's one of those things where I have to know that I will always love her, no matter how much watching The X-Files makes me cringe now, and yes. Yes it does make me cringe sometimes. Because, really, wtf Chris Carter? WTF?

More, more more! Ask me to do more top 5 lists! Please! I need anything to do these days, and these make me think and are fun. Also, hell. You know what? If you want me to do one of those pairing analysis things, I'll do those again, too. Just comment here and request.

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