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I am become a hedgehog. For nearly a week now I've been set deep into a Funk. It's been so bad that I have literally been unable to button my overcoat correctly, I've been so distracted by my funkitude -- I've been walking around all lopsided like a quintissential absent minded professor type. Which is a lot more befuddled and adorable than my prickly little self has wanted to be. In fact, someone actually patted my head and said I was really cute the other day, because of the jacket thing, and I felt my whole body steeling up with resentment. It was very My So Called Life, because I think I said something along these lines -- "Yeah, well, like - it's not -- *deep sigh* yeah. Okay. Fine. You know?" and then tossed my hair and crossed my arms.

But I've come to a decision that as of tomorrow I will be Funk Free. I will no longer be moody, morose or grumpy - I will be a ray of sunshine. This is both a threat and a promise. I'm not entirely sure how I plan to make this happen, but I'm bored with it, okay? Which is why I'm using this icon. Because do you see that plain, unsaturated adorableness? That joy de freakin' vivre? That's what I'm going to have when I wake up tomorrow. I am going to be embracing people and smiling like a loon and singing Zippedy Do Da and eating fresh fruit. I don't know what the fresh fruit have to do it with, but goddamnit, there will be fresh fruit.

One last thing before I abandon my time of bitchery and resentment: who on God's green earth would buy a sandwhich that cost 150 dollars, and not feel that - no matter how much money was being taken off the original price - they were spending too much frickin' money on a sandwhich? Goddamned fliers. *crunches it up into ball and bites it, to show total disgust with concept*

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