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Thoughts on life.

In the past four days, I have:

1) Eaten the hell out of brunch, every day.
2) Woken up before 9 AM, every day.
3) Written ten pages of paper.
4) Read about three hundred pages of art history homework, and a hell of a lot more lit homework.
5) Watched the hell out of a shit ton of Nip/Tuck at Lyra's.
5a) Discovered that I am fiercely protective of Chrstian Troy.
5b) No, but really. Fiercely protective. When Kit McGraw is on screen, I begin to growl like a rabid beast.

Other news includes the fact that for nearly a week now I've been wearing the most uncomfortable bras I own because they're the only clean ones. Laundry, you are my curse, and my fate.

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