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Oh, the difference a day makes.

Yesterday, I was a rock star. Today, I am nothing more than a total slacker. I managed to sleep through class today, through a particularly monumental feat of idiocy. I somehow last night as I was going to bed forgot that in order to be *at* a place at a certain time, you really should not set your alarm *for* that time, but instead an hour before hand. That way, you can comfortably snooze for twenty minutes, then get up, get dressed, go about your life.

This morning things did not work out quite that way. God *damn* it. It makes me feel like such a shiftless loser, and so here I sit in my ludicrous slippers and over the top polka dotted pajamas glaring into my cup of coffee and giving the grey weather outside the eye for not being gorgeous like yesterday.

Strange cross over ideas that maybe need to happen:

1. Nip/Tuck and Stargate: Atlantis: I just really want to see Rodney and Liz bitch everyone out, and then Rodney blanch with horror when Christian and Sean refer to themselves as 'doctors'. Plus, the idea of Teyla and Elizabeth somehow trying to communicate with Julia is funny to me. As is the idea of Matty and Ronon in the same room. And Christian seducing John.

2. Supernatural/Buffyverse: I see on my friendslist that someone has paired Faith with the boys, and I whole heartedly support that. However, I have often thought that Sam/Xander and Dean/Lindsey could be interesting pairings. Bring it to me universe, and make me smile!

3. The Job/due South: Dennis Leary's character in The Job could easily be Ray Kowalksi's fucked up Irish cousin from New York city. They look enough a like and both of a propensity to freak the fuck out at times and get very paranoid/obsessive. Family reunions would be awesome, particularly once Ray started bringing the Mountie and everyone was trying politely to not say a word about them being gay and McNeill started bringing both wife and girlfriend and trying very hard to make it so that they never met or knew the other was there at all. He'd totally enlist both Ray and Fraser and Fraser would be all disapproving and Ray would want to help him because the two of them would have been tight as kids, even if McNeill did try to sleep with Stella once, and would keep trying to justify things. It'd be awesome.

4. Goodwill Hunting/Stargate:Atlantis: Chuckie's got the gene, which they find out because he shows up at Will's unannounced after Will makes a weird phone call saying 'Hey, listen, it's been -- I fuckin love you, okay?' and then hangs up, because Will's cracked the math and the military has found him and wants him to maybe go through to Atlantis because he's come up with an algorithim that makes making a ZPM that much easier or something like that, and Chuckie thinks Will's going to try and do himself in or disappear off the face of the earth or something, so he shows up at Will's apartment and he's talking to someone there from the SGC and they've got Ancient gadgets lying all about and they all light up when Chuckie walks in, so they both get sent through eventually - because Will wants to go, and fuck, it's not like Chuckie's got shit keeping him here, you know? Just a couple of pairs of boxer's at his Ma's, and a shithole job that pays for beer and food. Chuckie makes friends pretty easily, he's working in the mess when they don't have him turning things on, and Will has trouble getting along with these people, esp. because Rodney's v. jealous -- becuase here's this guy who gets the math, is young, fit, and not afraid of danger. Rodney thinks he's going to get replaced on the away team, but after one outing off-world that ends in tragedy, Sheppard categorically vetoes that. Then the Wraith are coming and Chuckie and Will find comfort in one another's arms, as do Rodney and John. The end.

Furthermore - I've seen the latest Battlestar Galacticas. I don't really have much to say about either episode beyond, "OMG WTF YOU HAVE OVERDOSED ON FLASHBACKS, OKAY!??"

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