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Two things, of varying levels of importance.

1. Why is it that in horror type movies etc there is a fascination with the idea of evil hill billies? Is it because they're dirty, which is far from cleanliness, and ergo far from Godliness? Because, really, it's a demonstratable fact that most serial killers are upper middle class to middle class white males, and they tend to be in urban/suburban settings, if everything I've ever seen on Court TV is to be believed. I am tired of the dirty, isolated masses being maligned! I think it would be super creepy if, for once, instead of a hill billy family of dirty haired, greasy faced, snaggle toothed human hunting crazies, what you had was a squeaky clean Izod wearing, pressed chino, spiky hair gelled group of eviscerating cannibals with palm pilots including 'dismemberment' and 'hunting' in the day planning.

That having been said: Jensen Ackles - you so hot. And I enjoyed the lack of Supernaturalness in the plot of tonight's ep, because, Dean was right: people be crazy like that.

And secondly, and literally most importantly, somewhere in the world right now it is the birthday of my most darling, my podlet, lyra_sena. I'm a couple of hours early by our time, but I feel that it's important to be first at the Lyra Lovecapades. Because love her, I do. There really aren't words for what she is to me, but the nearest thing I can come up with is family. You are my family, darling, and I would do anything for you. If I didn't have you in my life, I don't know what I would do. Thank you for being who you are so unabashedly. Thank you for raking left. Thank you for your guff. Thank you for kicking my ass. Thank you for everything. You make every day better, even if I do get prickly with you.

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