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that's why they call me mr. farenheit

okay, guys, here's my current thing: i love the OT6 more than reason, my apartment is filled with vermin, and my fever is skirting 101. there is a conspiracy afoot between people who care about me (one professor, two roomates, one childhood friend, one (not) boyfriend) to keep me in bed, and recuperating, but how can one recuperate when one is alone and imagining the evil vermin scratching noises that must, somewhere be happening? this paranoia comes and goes, and honestly, is somewhat of a front for the fact that just lying in bed and feeling miserable bores me terribly. but miserable, i am.

so yesterday i found on the sidewalk outside of my house a check that was dated 1996. i tried to get in touch with the people who wrote it, but they've moved in the past ten years. i am at a loss as to what to do with the check, beyond sit here, stare at it, and make up stories in my mind about the check.

also, as i have been informed by my prof that i am not to come to school today on pain of death, i shall be here at my computer all the livelong day. perhaps this will mean writing time. perhaps, indeed.

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