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Delicious food time, and other things.

So, there comes a point when you look into your cupboard and you see the following things: ramen, ramen, ramen, and more ramen, a jar of holland onions, a can of olives and some tomato paste. Eating more ramen feels like slowly killing yourself, so you think "Tomato paste. I can do something with that, right?"

The answer is absolutely yes! Especially if you borrow pasta from your room mate and find a very old but still edible bell pepper in the fridge! My pasta is delicious! And absolutely not at all ramen! Thank God! The holland onions are maybe a somewhat odd addition to the sauce, but hey, it works. And if you cover anything with a lot of pepper, it pretty much just tastes like delicious, delicious pepper. In conclusion, DINNER: ACCOMPLISHED.

Also, hidden in the back of my refrigerator was a bottle of good beer that I remember buying long, long ago. My kitchen is the kitchen that just keeps giving.

In other news: there's a blister on my toe that I feel is mocking me. You will not beat me, blister. You will not keep me down; I will not allow it.

And, okay, what I'm about to say next is going to sound weird, but I think we all have these little issues from time to time. But honestly, if I hear one more compliment on my breasts, I may lose my temper entirely. I mean, compliments are nice, sure, but you know what? When you're a D-cup from 4th grade onward, you get sick of people noticing your chest region before other parts of you, and you're pretty much over hearing talk about your breasts. I mean, really? Pick another part of the body to compliment, I don't care if you are 1) a really good friend trying to tell you that you look hot in a new shirt, or 2) a significant other trying to be sexy or really anything at all.

Here, I'll even help, world: I have nice eyes! My calves are very shapely! My fingers are long! I have delicate wrists and a lady like mouth! (Lady like in terms of shape, not in terms of what I say, because that would just be funny.) I have pert elbows! My nose is refined! My chin speaks to my determination and defiance!

Just, for the love of God, universe, leave my breasts out of it. The end.

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