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OMFG failure!

I have: slept five hours
boogied the night away
changed my socks
coughed until point of near retching

I have not: fully woken up yet
made my coffee maker work
had any caffeine
finished the paper due today
done the reading for today.

I cannot: skip class.
run away to Mexico and change my name to Esperanza.
run away to Montreal and change my name to Marie Francoise.
run away to Milan and change my name to Isabella.
buy coffee.
park remotely near where I'm going to need to be on campus.
freak out!!!
go back to bed.

I will: perservere.
answer to my actual name until circumstances really dictate a flight to another country.
fake having done the reading.
fake being awake/take a nap later.
throw myself upon the altar of fate and hope that everything turns out the way I wish it to.

Right. Onward. Here I go. Dear God, here I go.

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