pure FORESHADOWING (nifra_idril) wrote,

the daquiri is a learner's permit for life


There are several different kinds of rain, and I think this week it's safe to say that I've walked through nearly all of them. There is the pleasant rain of last night, which falls pretty gently and makes a nice shushing noise when it does, and it alleviates the mugginess of the air and when you breathe, it feels fresh.

There is the somewhat less pleasant, but still pretty okay rain of today which falls in drips and drabs like a petulant child trying to make up its mind about what it wants to be.

Then there is the totally fucking horrid rain of earlier this week, that comes in slant-wise and stings your eyes and doesn't bead up on tree branches like little glass circlets but instead collects in mud-holes and soaks your shoes and your socks and it's cold and it smells like wet sweaters.

Also this week - the snow. The snow is the red headed stepchild of this week, weatherwise, and it had best know when to make itself scarce or I'ma have to take action.


Every joint in my body makes a frightening crunching noise when it cracks, and today every joint in my body has taken to cracking and popping like I'm fucking Rice Krispies. I do not approve.


I have serious and abiding thoughts about Battlestar Galactica, and Starbuck, who is the Grand High Poohbah In Training of the Good Ol' Boys Soceity, God love her.


I may, or may not, have had a nightmare last night which involved me bludgeoning a koala bear with a fish while it waved air brushed acrylic claws of doom in my face.

The "may not" in the above paragraph indicates the shame I feel that my sleeping mind is so fucking crazed.


I do not often lose my temper, but y'all, I lost it but good this week, and after a full day of stewing, I've decided that I feel the better for it. Fly free, temper. Fly free.


I am completely horrified about the whole Duke Lacross team thing. I really don't have much to say beyond that - I know a lot of horrible things happen every day, but this is just so apalling that it's sitting with me, deep in my ribcage, heavy and hard and horrible.

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