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Are you still...

Ever wake up and then sort of stumble your way through the day, kind of...bleary eyed the whole time? Today's been mad low key - like most days - but kind of oddly off the whole time. I can't really describe why and/or how, but just...off. Nothing's wrong, I just feel incredibly awkward today and for no reason. Like whenever I talk to someone they're giving off social cues I'm not picking up or something. Or like my head is somewhere else entirely. Which, you know, is probably the case - in fact, it's the case most of the time as I tend to have difficulty letting go of stories, or maybe they have difficulty letting go of me. I'm used to being stuck in daydream fog - that's cool, that's something I can deal with - it's just...today I feel like I'm in the fog, but suddenly there are sharp edges. Maybe not sharp, but pointy sticky-outy.

I digress.

Anyway, things can only go up from here for the following reasons: 1) Fiction class in a half hour (no words for how much I love that class!) 2) going home on Friday. God, I'm so excited about that.

I don't know why, but lately the idea of going home has totally obsessed me. It's like I *have* to - like going home will re-energize me, or make me more me than I've been lately. I think the summer took more out of me than I thought it had, so home will be helpful in that way.

I want something exciting to happen *right now*, and yet...nothing is happening. Dammit. Didn't the universe get the memo that *I'm* in charge, hmm? Hmm?

Ack. I have too much reading to do tonight. It's insane. Insanity. Totally lunacy, I tell you. Maybe I'll do it...then again. Maybe not. Oh yeah, I'm a *rebel*. Look at me rebelling by not reading *all* of the Euripedes I'm supposed to.

I'm a Loose. Canon. Or something to that effect.

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