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IP (term blatantly stolen from bexless)

First off, I want to direct you to my new pretty icon - look at it! Isn't it *great*!

Also - I (like everyone else and their five closest cousins) have a GJ now. I'm MidnightShow. I think I'm pretty much using it as a place to store icons. Which means I can get more - which is pretty damned neat. *G*

Anyway. I'm going to whine for a very brief period of time: I'm bored and someone should entertain me.

See, wasn't that whining short?

Moving on - so. My fiction prof. is the cutest thing *ever*. She's got a very, very thick Wisconsin accent (I feel weird calling it thick -- is that only applicable to brogues?). She says wagon "waygon" and it's really really adorable. What's not so cute is that I have to start writing a story for workshop. A long story. That's original. All the way created by me.

Dear sweet lord what a terrifying and exhilerating thought. Much like sky diving, that way.

It's literally got me shaking in my socks, but also jumping up and down. I'm *so* excited that there are no words, and yet totally convinced that it'll be crap. Which, I think, is how pretty much everyone is when they start writing, so it'll be okay. Oh god, original fiction here I come!

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