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24 September 2003 @ 03:58 am
The light is pale and thin like you  
Okay, way too late, and I definitely have to wake up way sooner than I'd like, but I found myself reorganizing my documents, and coming across three things that desperately need finishing, and I'm going to make a list here so it's where everyone can see it. Hopefully this will motivate my ass and get me to actually do it

Things I want to finish in the vicinity of soon:

1. Post-Ryan fic
3. Chlark of pain
4. Lenafic
5. ADS8 (sweet God, after that one, only two more chapters to write and the monster will be done! After all this...wow. So close to finishing the romance/genesis of Superman/Clark grows the fuck up fic and reclaiming my life....so close...)

I feel like I can finish the post-Ryan fic within the next couple of days, really. The Chlark might be good airplane writing, if I'm up to it. Being home will be good for the writing, though. (Everyone will be asleep when I want to be awake and active, so you know -- I'll be in front of a computer typing furiously.) Lenafic and ADS8 are the things that are going to take the longest - though I feel pretty renergized on both. Being close to the end of something helps with that.

My goal as of right now (if fiction workshop writing doesn't pull me away and make fic writing time much, much smaller) is to finish all of that in the next three weeks. I'm not sure if that's entirely reasonable, but we'll see. Lyra will be in town next week, and spending time around her makes me writey. Also - I'm excited about that. Madly excited. Incredibly excited.
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Current Music: Dynamite Walls - Hayden
Adoable Frunk: The Podlyra_sena on September 24th, 2003 11:37 am (UTC)
May I modestly say that your Dietrich icons are to die for. Dear god. They really are cool and turned out so great!

Also, whee! I'm coming next week! And if that makes you all writery, perhaps I'll stay an extra day...

Good thinking about making the list. I'm all about the lists. *giggles and thinks about plot bunny list she has going for Nifra*

btw, just in case you were wondering...

I HAVE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!