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Introducing New Series: Shiny, Pretty Things (Clark/Other, Lex/Lois, Clark/Lex)

Okay. This entire series is to be blamed on the following things. Firstly, this icon:

Which made me think, for no apparent reason, "My, he looks all rumpled like a cub reporter."

And then I had a conversation with tstar78 about how we don't often get to see Clark and Lex in really functional relationships with other men in fic. Usually it's just for sex, or their characterization changes and they become hopelessly queeny or something to that effect. That made me think, again, about the above icon. (See where I'm going?)

So the ideas percolate in my brain for a while, and eventually I'm thinking of this original character, and thinking I'll probably never end up writing it because you know...so much else to write. Gahd. But then Lois pops her way into my life through ADS and I can suddenly see her *perfectly* and this picture in particular makes me want to write more fic with Lois in it:

I've shown y'all before, but this is *definitely* my Lois in this pic.

It comes to me that were I to write Clark hooking up with OC Brad Pitt character in a pre-Lexian relationship then I could write it in the begining of his tenure at the Planet.....and this is what happened.

This series is futurefic, obviously, and AU. I'm living in a riftless world here, although Clark and Lex are beginging to drift apart when this series opens, but that changes. *G*

Thanks to lyra_sena who is, as always, my partner in crime on this series.

As first days go, it isn’t bad so far, Clark reflects, leaning against the wall in the hallway outside the ladies room, waiting for Lois. Then again, it’s only ten in the morning, but he hasn’t messed up anything, and he hasn’t pissed anyone off to his knowledge so maybe this’ll work out after all. And hey – he’s working at the *Daily Planet* for *real* and isn’t that pretty much the coolest thing ever?

*And* he’s working with Lois Lane, who – while maybe not the warm and fuzziest person Clark’s ever met – is an *amazing* reporter. She’s sophisticated and she’s shrewd and she knows what she’s doing. She’s Clark’s partner because Clark is a *reporter*. For real now.

He’s even got a desk and a name plate and his very own voicemail box. It’s official.

“Hey, you got a light?”

Clark turns, shakes his head. “Sorry, I don’t smoke,” Clark tells the blonde man who stands across from him.

The man shrugs, juggling multiple notebooks and file folders as he pulls a cigarette out of a brightly colored pack with his teeth. He tucks the cigarette behinds his ear, and looks up with a lop-sided, friendly smile, offering Clark his hand. “Your lungs’ll thank you for it. I’m Luke Elliott.”

“Clark Kent,” he says, shaking Luke’s hand, returning the firm grip. “I work here,” he tells Luke, unable to keep the goofy grin off his face.

“Yeah?” Luke says, big toothy grin flashing white across a tanned face as he raises a sandy eyebrow. “Must be new. I’d remember you.” There’s a beat, where Clark shifts, uncertain, under Luke’s gaze, before Luke continues. “So what’ve they got you workin’? The movies?”

He laughs. “No, I’m actually working with Lois Lane,” he admits, and yeah, there’s a hell of a lot of pride in his voice as he says it but...why not? He *is* proud. So proud, in fact, that he feels like he’s about to burst at the seams if he gets any prouder. Or, you know, he would if he wasn’t kind of…invulnerable.

“Yeah?” Luke looks impressed. “Wow. So where do you come from? What paper?”

“Oh, uhm, I wasn’t – ” Clark starts, blushing as he looks down at his shoes and tries to figure out a way to make the MetU weekly news sound more important than it actually is.

“Kent, I need you to get me –” Lois begins to order, breezing out of the bathroom. As she looks up, she halts immediately, startled, and glares at Luke. “Elliott, what are you doing here?”

“Hi Lois. How are you doing, Lois? So nice to see you, Lois,” Luke says, and his grin sharpens into something lazy and teasing.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. You and I both know that it *isn’t* nice to see me because you don’t like *me* and I don’t like *you* and I haven’t had enough coffee yet to pretend otherwise, so why not can that part of the conversation, kay?” Lois suggests.

Luke chuckles. “You know, I always did admire your forthright nature, Lois. I was just about to tell Clark that.”

Lois crosses her arms and eyes both Luke and Clark narrowly. Clark’s not sure why, but he suddenly feels like he’s been caught looking into the girl’s locker room, so he shuffles his feet and tries hard not to let himself blush, He is twenty one years old *dammit* and isn’t that too old to not blush bright red whenever he’s embarrassed?

“You were *flirting* with my rookie,” she accuses, and Luke doesn’t deny it, and Clark is definitely blushing now. Lois rolls her eyes and points a finger at Luke. “Don’t do that. He works here, you work across the street at the Journal, and Kent and I have to go have a *serious* discussion about sleeping with the enemy.”

She grabs Clark by the elbow, and starts dragging him down the hall, but Clark glances over his shoulder.

Luke waves, and grins wider. “Nice to meet you!” he calls.

Clark grins back and waves with his free hand, and upgrades the day so far to pretty damned good.

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