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Things to say:

1. pun is adorable. Muchly enjoyed meeting her, and hope to eat onion rings with her sometime in the future.
2. Everybody's already been sqealing left right and center ove the premiere so all I'll say is a quick "*Dayum* those boys are hot" and that I *loved* Chloe's hair. Will post detailed Exile feelings at some point. This is not that point.
3. lyra_sena and tstar78 are evil people and that is part of their charm, I'm sure. Forced me to fall in love with Seth and Ryan against my will. Conniving, that's what they are. Conniving schemers. I love them. (Also - seeing as I am in love with Seth and Ryan against my will, I'd appreciate any reccs out there.)
4. Twenty Eight Days Later apparently made a bigger impact on me than I thought....the infected are still scary.
5. I'm still sick. It's awful. I hate it. Someone should do a vodoo dance and make the sick go away.

So. This morning I woke up still drunk from last night and unaccountably convinced that I was going to be attacked by ghouls and, not having the prerequisite sawed off shot gun neccesary for fending off ghouls, I was quite terrified. What did I do to occupy my drunk/scared time at eight in the morning on a Saturday? I wrote absurd Seth/Ryan. No judging - I was less than sober and preoccupied with the seemingly inevitable invasion of the infected.

“So, yeah, you’re probably wondering, right this very second, why exactly I’m here. In your bed. The place where you sleep,” Seth said, sitting up quickly when Ryan walked into the poolhouse. “Because this could look a little strange. To the untrained eye, I mean, but I want to assure you, my friend, that this is not, in fact strange. It’s mostly…okay, a little weird. I’ll grant you that. But, uhm, hey how was your day at work? How’d that go for you, buddy?”

“Great,” Ryan replied, still frowning with confusion at the sight of Seth lying on his bed, shirtless and under the covers. “So, why are you in my bed?”

Seth nodded, leaning against the headboard, pointing at Ryan. “You know, that’s a fair question.” He cleared his throat and bounced a little on the mattress. “It’s a very nice bed, really. Good placement, really key in the feng shui of the pool house – you know, gives the energy more room to flow freely through the whole area. It’s uh…got good suspension. Easy on the back, which you’ll be thankful for later in life when you’ve got the arthritis – if you get it, which you know, you might not it’s just that it’s very common and you *totally* won’t believe me if I say that I just got tired while waiting for you to come home, will you?”

“You’re not wearing a shirt,” Ryan pointed out, sitting down on the side of the bed. “And what happened to me time?”

“Me time really kind of morphed into ‘Wait-pathetically-for-Ryan-to-come-home-time’,” Seth admitted, looking down. “I’m thinking about turning it into a performance art piece. Maybe I’ll call it ‘Boy as Puppy’ or ‘Kerouc Stirs Lemonade’. I’m not sure which yet. I’m leaning toward the Kerouc, mostly because it’s obtuse and I’ve been told that the performance art crowd really digs that.”

Ryan shook his head. “I wouldn’t know.”

“Yeah, and about the shirt and the under the covers and all that, here’s the thing,” Seth babbled, stopping to draw breath. “I want to explain this to you, but I can’t. It’s sort of confidential, and while that may seem like a cop out I can guarantee you that – ”

“Confidential?” Ryan echoed.

“Totally top secret,” Seth assured him.

“Ahh.” Ryan nodded, and pinned Seth with a look. “Then scoot over.”

Seth stared blankly for a second, and Ryan pushed his shoulder gently. “I just got off a twelve hour shift. I’m tired. Scoot over.”

“Oh, yeah, scoot over. No problem, none at all, that’s fine.” Seth moved to the side of the bed, pulling the covers back and watched as Ryan propped himself up on pillows. “So you’re really not like mad, skeeved, totally weirded by uh…me being here? In your bed?”
A small smile turned up the corners of Ryan’s lips. “Yes. I’m skeeved, Seth, aren’t I acting it? What are you watching?”

“Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures,” Seth answered quickly. “A cinematic triumph that showcases Keanu Reeves’ prodigious acting talents. So…you’re really okay? With this?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Ryan said closing his eyes.

Seth pulled the covers up higher, fiddling with the cover to the battery hatch on the back of the remote before he finally blurted out, “Then can I stay here? Tonight? To sleep?”

The smile on Ryan’s face widened. “Sure.”

And it was that easy.

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