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Baaaah. (Comin' on strong Baudelaire.)

I'm a sheep and I feel like it's meme time. So, gakked from everybody and their mother's second cousin Arnie:

One Thing Isn't True About Me

1) I've taken care of a boa constrictor with the flu.

2) I've spent the night at a military airport in Iceland.

3) I know how to operate a backhoe.

4) I can sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen backwards.

5) I have been injured by someone wielding a spork.

And, gakked from shaggirl :

Your meme, should you choose to accept it, is to rank the following bands in order, from couldn't live without to couldn't care less. To add value to this process, you must also add one band to the list, and remove one band from the list, before passing the meme on (including these instructions).

The Beatles
Jeff Buckley
Beastie boys
Duran Duran
Dave Matthews Band
Tori Amos
The Corrs

Added: Radiohead

So today was a total glitch. My ability to process the world was quite small, but really, it was okay despite the weird drunken terror of the morning. Also, I just want that to never happen again, ever.

Another thing: That happy shiny feeling you get when you finish something is really great. The problem with getting that feeling about school work is that then there's *more* to do. Always more. More and more and then a little bit *more* even. It's sort of like this big avalanche of school work that's landing on my head and you know what? I totally feel like this situation merits a rescue St. Bernard with hot cocoa in it's collar. (That metaphor got away from me. I admit it.) But the point is, I have so much school work to do all the time that it's *insane* and when did I get this industrious anyway? I don't know. But it happened somewhere along the line, and it is quite strange.

Five minutes later: I was just told that my head is filled with fruit by a total stranger who randomly wandered into my room and then left. I'm not sure how to react to that. Weird. Shit.

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