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Happy Birthday, andariell!

So it's your birthday and you rock, and that's pretty much that. I love you, honey -- you're on crack, but so am I, and it works out perfectly, I think. And, also? You're probably one of the sweetest people I've met.

And so, for you - a wee ficlet. I hope your day is five different kinds of great, and that it makes you the happiest Andy that ever did live!

Chloe’s elbow hit the floor so hard it tingled, and she glared up at Faith. “I’d like to register an *ow*,” she complained, cradling it as she stands. “That really hurt.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Faith said, crossing her arms, cocking a dark eyebrow. “Gosh, I must have gotten carried away. Vampires never *hurt* people. They’re all about the warm-fuzzy-love-and-tickle routine.”

“All right, all right, I get the point,” Chloe muttered, rolling her eyes as she took up a defensive stance. “Bruising, ahoy.”

“More than just bruising,” Faith said, circling slowly. “We’re lookin’ at broken bones, cuts, concussions, split lips, busted noses…the whole nine yards. You’ve gotta be ready for anything they throw at you during a fight, kid, and you can’t lose your cool just coz something hurts. News flash: Slaying’s about hurting. You hurting them, and them hurting you while you try to do it. Got it?”

Chloe frowned, and turned to face Faith. “Wow. *That* was inspiring,” she said, voice thick with sarcasm. “Aren’t I glad I got tapped to join the team?”

Faith shrugged, hands on her hips. “You have a choice. You can walk out of here any time, Goldilocks. Some of us didn’t get that choice, though, so don’t expect a shoulder to cry on from me.”

“Hey,” Chloe said, reaching out to push Faith’s shoulder playfully. “Did I say I was going anywhere? Because I really don’t remember that part of the conversation.”

“You can,” Faith repeated. “And if you’re going to go, now’d be a good time.”

“Why? So I can leave before you inflict more bodily damage?” Chloe asked. “A little late, don’t you think? I’ll already have to find a way to explain the elbow. I can take some more punishment before dinner.”

Faith pursed her lips, thinking, as she studied Chloe’s face. Whatever she found there made her relax just enough to step back and nod.

“You’re gonna stay?” she asked, but something in her tone made it more of a statement.

Chloe smiled. “Yeah, I am. Somebody has to be here to back you up. Besides, this is *way* cooler than hanging around the Talon all day.”

A quick sharp laugh, and Faith grinned. “Yeah, but so is spending quality time with sheep.”

“I’m *so* not telling Lana you said that,” Chloe giggled. “She’d flip.”

“That,” Faith admitted, shameless, “was kinda the point.”


(Btw - Andy? Doesn't neccesarily have to go in our CIY. Just a little prezzie from me to you!)

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