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Staring Nifra as the Industrious Student

I've been doing work all night. All day, actually. And here's the thing about it: there's more. I feel like I'm being hit by a work *avalanche*. And naturally I *want* to be writing fic, and yet...can't. Due to the aforementioned avalanche. Or maybe it's a tsunami. I'm not sure, but y'all, it's a force of *nature*. I've done almost three hundred pages of reading since class ended, and I think I've got at least another fifty before I let myself do anything resembling sleep.

So, I'm writing an LJ post to procrastinate. (Maybe 'Staring Nifra as the *not* so Industrious Student' would have been a better title...) And pimp, actually, becuase if y'all are HP fans, then go to lupercali and read her latest Practical Astrology. It's Prufrock, so you know what you're in for: great fic. *G* And no, I'm not biased because I adore her. Her dialogue is witty as hell, her characterizations are consistent and intriguing, and really, for me? She *owns* Remus. Or maybe he owns her.

But having read that, *G* and on the basis of some talking and thinking I did with lyra_sena recently, I absolutely had to think more about possible SV astrology signs. I know, I know, Clark = alien, which makes astrology pretty much a moot point. Whatever. *sticks tongue out at world* I had fun doing things.

Clark: Taurus. (Seriously, he might as well grow horns, y'all.)
Lex: Scorpio
Chloe: Capricorn
Pete: Libra
Lana: Pisces
Jon: Virgo
Lionel: Uhm. Leo. Yeah. Obvious.
Martha: Capricorn
Lucas: Aries

Pru argues with Chloe as a Capricorn - she thinks Chloe leans toward Aries, and Lyra thinks Lana's a Libra. But I stand by my choices. Thoughts? Comments? Tomatoes?

Also? I Should Have Known by Aimee Mann -- could it *be* more Lex just pre-Rift? Maybe if it worked in a "Fuck you and the cow you rode in on, Clark, you hulking hunk of Kryptonite-hating alien FREAK!" or two...but otherwise? Probably not.

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