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Penguin Pathology

Things I'm sure of:

1. I will probably never see the light of a Friday morning this year. I wanted to get up early this morning for some untold reason. It seemed like a good idea when I thought of it yesterday, before the dancing and the party. Pretty much didn't happen.

2. Boys in cages are a good thing. Especially if said boys are very pretty.

3. I love rageprufrock, bexless and lyra_sena a *lot* for various and sundry reasons.

Things I'm not sure of:

1. Why anyone would want to have a bag of ashes. A girl asked if she could have the contents of my ash tray. I mean, I let her *have* the ashes, but...still. Oddness.

2. Architecture. I used to think it was a pretty tame, neutral thing. I'm finding that it's subversive - and that it colonizes the mind. Example: Most apartments/houses are built in order to house the nuclear family, which is increasingly uncommon. So think about the low income single mothers who have to share apartments - how does that work? Answer: It doesn't, really, which has to make the women feel a certain way, right? So the value system behind the architecture is important, and has an effect on the people that live there. Think about it.

3. I'm not sure why I'm listening to the Gin Blossoms so much lately. It's an odd nostalgia thing, maybe. You'd think I'd get sick of it, but I don't. Which is strange.
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