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Death List 5

I think it's an undisputed fact that Quentin Tarantino is Way Cooler Than Thou (and me, too - don't think I'm judging). He proves it again in Kill Bill (Volume 1).

The plot is pretty straightforward - Uma Thurman's character (The Bride) seeks revenge for the whole heap of killin' and ass kickin' that went on at what should have been her wedding after waking up from a coma, four years later. But here's the thing. The plot isn't neccesarily what's important - although the last line of the movie makes it more of an issue, and *damn* can I not wait for the second volume. But, anyway. What makes this movie amazing is a) the way in which Tarantino tells the story which is *mad* not chronological b) the phenomenal action sequences c) the cinematography. It's uber-stylized, naturally, but, y'all, it's Tarantino. What do you expect? *G*

The way he uses the device of chapters to break up the plot is cool, as is the way he makes the scenes of fighting in Japan mirror the anime portion. Also, the anime portion is mind blowing in general - very gruesome (as is much of the movie - trust me, if you're faint of heart or queasy of stomach you might want to consider delegating someone to clap their hands over your eyes from time to time) but really beautifully drawn. Also - did anyone notice that the sword belonging to the assasin in the white suit was more or less identical to the sword Bill toys with while on the phone with Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah)?

Costuming was also really great here. Dude, the kimono that Lucy Liu wears during the final scene? *Gorgeous*. Also: Lucy Liu? *Gorgeous*. Gah.

Other high points:

1. The Pussy Wagon
2. The Crazy 88
3. The music, gahd, the music.

Who'd have thought Uma Thurman was so secretely bad ass? Certainly not me.

Watching it, I was kind of surprised that certain parts got through the MPAA screening system without being taken out. It makes me wonder, again, why seeing sex scenes and hearing bad words is considered so much inherently worse than watching extreme violence by the censors. Totally fucking bizarre.

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