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Oatmeal and a side of grits.

Also known as mushy, mushy, mushy stuff.

So it's beta-reader appreciation day, eh?

I'm going to take a step further and thank the audiencers and instigators, too:

tstar78: You're always willing to read any fic I throw at you, wave your pom-poms, and give me feedback. Also? You watch epis with me and make me go fetal and discuss bling-bling. Thank you. *hugs tightly*

bexless: The talk we had the other day about two muses? You know, the one where you made the hamster on the wheel that powers my brain run a marathon turning over what you had said over and over again? Thank you -- it was more helpful than you know. Besides, writing OC with you is more fun than a barrel of marmots.

andariell: Co-author extraordinaire and partner in crime when it comes to the Faith/Chloe love, what can I say? You instigate, you audience, and you inspire. Also, you rock.

rageprufrock : You. You are hysterical and amazing and more fun than anyone has any right to be. Also? You make me write the canine love, but what's *more* important is that *you* write the canine love. Because I love your canine love. This is getting weird, but you get what I mean.

And, for the one and only, lyra_sena:

You saw the haiku series Pru and I put together for you and that more or less says it all. Oh yeah, except this: You push me to be the best writer I can be. You make me be aware of what I'm doing with every word, and every motion. You take everything I write and turn it into what I want it to be. You also cut down on the flagrant abuse of commas and demonstrative adjectives. But mostly? You make me grow with everything you beta. I wouldn't be where I am right now without you, writing wise. Thank you.

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