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New York Fen: Check it out.

At 10:00 am on Saturday (today, actually -- Nifra= night owl) morning in the City Hall in NYC, Resolution 909 will be discussed.

Resolution 909 is a resolution proposed to repeal the Patriot Act within the limits of NYC, as members of council do not want to uphold any laws that so curtail the civil liberties of American citizens. Other cities and counties in the state have passed similar resolutions, as have several entire states.

Personally, I'm so behind this that the very idea of it makes me cheer, loudly. But whatever your politics, it's always good to be informed, and say your piece. I'm not entirely sure if it's an open meeting about the resolution, or not, so call City Hall if you're interested, but I'm sure that testimonials are always welcome, and encouraged. So even if you're not able to go there, and stand up, and say what you think, write it down and send it in.

The important part about being an American is that you have the right to say what you believe, thanks to the First Amendment, and parts of the Patriot Act make huge attacks on those rights. I'm proslethyzing again, so I'll back off, but I'll just say this: you not only have the right to discuss your beliefs and opinions, in our current political climate, you have the duty.

As Captain Planet says, The POWER is yours! So use it.

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