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Like, whoa.

So I just found music video launch at yahoo. I know, I'm a tool and it takes me forever to figure out the most basic things. However, I have some news. The news is that Britney's new video? Mad hot. Why? Because Britney dresses up in a suit and chases down Madonna in a very sexual way. You thought the kiss was hot? Watch the video. They dance around a bed...and then my eyes bug out of my head. For serious.

Also, the Mya video for "My love is like whoa". I love this song because it uses 'whoa' as an adjective and haven't been able to download it. So I'm just going to watch the video whenever I need my 'whoa' as an adjective fix. Don't worry, it's not too often.

I want a puppy. It'll make me feel better about how my school work is trying to *eat me*.

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