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What do you *mean* I have to expend effort?

The interesting thing about work is that it doesn't do itself. Books don't read themselves. Dishes don't clean themselves, so on and so forth.

I was led to believe by Disney that this could be arranged by dancing with a broomstick and wearing a floppy blue hat. I have been cruelly betrayed. Damn those bastards and their vicious, vicious lies.

Also - Halloween. What the hell? Costumes? Ack! Neither my bank account nor my sanity can handle another shopping trip. I think I'll just to my costume party as 'feral' or something. I mean, snarl at a couple of people, knock things over and play in bushes. I can handle that. Or maybe that's one hundred percent lame.

*sigh* And back to work I go....rawrf.
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