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Warm Fuzzies All Up in My Grill, Yo

You know, for a day that occurred after I had an incredibly small amount of sleep today has been *spectacular*. I got off work early because my boss rocks, came home, took a nap and spent the day cleaning my room and chatting and writing and reading and basically doing very little of social value other than giggle because bexless is so funny and dude(s)? She's a Marvelverse geek too. She read *Alpha Flight*! The happy I got from that really can't be explained in words. I would be forced into using numbers.

Alpha Flight makes me happy for several reasons. A) First openly gay superhero was Jean-Paul Baubier, I do believe. Jean-Paul rocks. B) The storyline of this comic involves shamanism, aliens, elves, valhalla and a seperate world of dreams. It's totally *weird.* C) One of the characters, Walter Landowski, is in an established relationship with a woman when he gets trapped in the body *of* a woman. Talk about your gender confusion there, folks. He gets switched back to being a man, and really? I think he's probably got to have one of the most interesting story lines I've ever read. Walter, I heart you.

Can I just take a minute to say how much I *adore* the Smallville fandom? Seriously. Just...love oozing out of my pores for it. Everyone has been *so nice*. I started off in a pretty restrictive fandom (I shall not speak it's name...) where slash was a no-no and it was all either action/adventure or romance of the angst-laden-sigh-courtly-love-why-are-you-out-of-my-reach-woe-is-me variety and really? I'm just not that kind of girl, y'all. Ain't my style. Smallville, you feel like home. *hugs the fandom and gives it a lollipop, for good measure*

And hey, check it out, my beta (who is amazing and should be adored by everyone, *everyone*) posted smut! Involving ice cream! Yay! Go read it at lyra_sena's page! It's called 'Vanilla Cone With Sprinkles, Please' and while you're there? Check out 'By the Rivers Dark'. *loves Lyra*

Also. My livejournal is ugly. Can someone help me purty it up?
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