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Status Report (or Nifra Jones' Diary)

Breakfast: 3 redbulls, 2 cigarettes
Sleep: 3 hours
Temperature: Fucking cold
Lunch: Pita with hummus, 4 cups of coffee, 3 cigarettes
Room: Cluttered, if by cluttered I mean a cross between 'ransacked by hoodlums' and 'fleeing my homeland' chic.
Laundry: Mountainous, and dirty.
Homework: Let's not even go there
Haircut: Adorable. Way short.
Misc. consumption: more cigarettes (Noting a theme? New OTP: Nifra/Carcinogens. *shakes head at unhealthy self)
Nifra's Super Special Ditz Hour: Forgot sister's birthday until father reminded me. Yay big sister!Nif.
Reccomendation of Monitor Meltingly Hot Porn: Tar Beach by Shrift, GL/Flash
Desires: A man with a body like a greek god and good massage technique.
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