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I beg so prettily.

Awright. I can no longer deny that I absolutely adore the Justice League. I must see more and don't have access to cable. Yay me! So. *smiles sweetly* I'm begging, groveling and other synonomous actions....anybody have tapes? Especially of A Better World and Only a Dream? Please? I promise to make it worth your while...*saucy wink*

Email me at Nifra_Idril@yahoo.com

Also - look at my icon! Isn't it pretty? Yeah, I know. My podlet's the best.

ETA: trinaest is my crack dealer and I will have her babies. She's helping me out on the season 2ness of it all, so thank you, thank you, thank you to her. *hugs, and gropes, just a little*
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