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Status Report, Part Deux (or Nifra Jones' Diary, the Reprise)

Breakfast: Cherry Coke, two cigarettes, one coffee
Time spent in library since waking: two hours
Number of pages of essay written: five
Laundry done: one load, five more pending
Dishes done: All
Cell phone: Found
Cell phone battery: still missing, but I have suspicions as to its whereabouts
Amount of reading left to do before class: Astronomical
Attitude toward said reading: Bring it, bitch, I'm doing *laundry.*
Number of inanimate objects that have tried to kill me today: Three. Boxed DVD sets are *wily.* They just jump off shelves at you when you least suspect it.
Professors I want to assasinate: One. Fuckhead.
Little sisters I need to make mix cds for: One. I love her so much.
New Icons from Jess: One. I love *her* so much also. She rawks. *points at icon*
Desires: New computer. Dear sweet god I hate this machine. Also, Will from Alias as my boyfriend. And more cigarettes.
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