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Telegraph from the front

Am with Lyra STOP
Have seen Master and Commander again STOP
Strongly advise that you all do the same STOP
Have seen 1961 STOP
Have seen Magnetic STOP
Have seen Shattered STOP
Have fallen in love with Mike Vederhaine and Ken Biller STOP
Will watch multiple times in the immediate future STOP
Still love Clark STOP
Am developing more affection for Lana STOP
Want Chloe to get some play STOP
Where the fuck is Pete? STOP
Am still sure that Lionel loves Lex STOP
Morgan Edge and Lionel Luthor so had crazy amounts of sex in the past STOP
Want to wrap Lex up in a comfy quilt and give him a fuzzy kitten and a shiny new future STOP
Must go watch Shattered again STOP


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