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Status Report

Travel Anxiety: Moderate to high
Thanksgiving Anxiety: High. We're going to be with the *whole* family (read: clan, no, really). This means I will, inevitably, be thrown into the pool by my cousin and uncle. There are only about 9 years between me and my uncle, and 4 between me and my cousin, so we always acted like siblings, making *me* the youngest, and the only girl and therefore, the one who gets thrown in the pool. Every. Damned. Time. Someday, someday, it'll be one of them. Maybe this year...*dreamy smile*
Number of times I've listened to You Made Me Gay by Gravy Train!!!: Seven in the past hour. You made me gay, girl, you made me gay....*sings*
Amount of sleep: None
Cigarettes: Also none. I'm getting ready for a week of no smoking. There may be no survivors.
Gross things of my roomate's that I had to clean out of the fridge: A lot. Like, a lot a lot. *makes face*
Plans for plane ride: Fic writing! Yay! Lionel/Edge! Yeah, baby, yeah.
Hatred for JFK airport: High. Always high. Perma-high.
Footwear: Flip-flops. What? I'm going to Florida! Woot
Desires: To sleep. Dear god, to sleep would be nice. Also, Green Lantern/Flash porn. And a pretty boy with a sense of humor and a good heavy dose of calmness. I get frenetic. I need someone to balance that out.

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