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This is why I love my family:

To celebrate my being home last night, my father, my brother (14), both of my sisters (11 and 12) watched the extended Two Towers DVD with me. This is a sample of conversation while we were watching:

Nif!Brother: Sam and Frodo are so married.
Nif!Dad: Nah, Sam leaves his wife. He wouldn't do that to Frodo. (that's verbatim, folks)

Nif!Sister 1: When's Legolas coming on screen again? Orlando Bloom's just so pretty.
Nif!Brother: He and Gimli are an interesting pair.
Nif!Sister 2: They're dating.
Nif!Sister 1: I don't care if he's dating a dwarf, he's really hot. H-O-T.
Nif!Father: The dwarf and the elf are *not* dating.
Nifra: Oh?
Nif!Father: Oh, come on. What about Legolas and Aragorn?

Nif!Sister 2: I wonder if the scene with the barrel of pipeweed is going to be in the extended version...
Nif!Brother: You know who else is dating?
Nifra: ....Who?
Nif!Brother: Merry and Pippin.
Nif!Father: Obviously.

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