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Curiouser and curiouser.

So, here's the thing. The past few days I've really, really *wanted* to write and yet haven't been able to, which has been making me think about the whole writing process in general. And while thinking about it I've been answering the questions I've run across for myself, but it's made me curious. *points at subject line* So I'm going to pose a few questions at you all.

What makes you start writing? Is it a line of dialogue, or an image, or an idea? When you start typing, what's pushing you to do it? Do you always know where you're going? Is it a journey? Do you feel like your prose reflects your personality, or not? What about writing interests you the most, and what do you feel like you need to work on?

Usually for me, what makes me start writing is a line. Sometimes it's dialogue, more often than not it's description, and then the rest of the fic will kind of form around that. I never *really* know where I'm going -- sometimes I have a vague idea, but it always changes a time or five before I get there. I'm not sure if my prose reflects my personality, because unfortunately, I'm not really able to be objective about my own writing. It's a thing. So, I guess I'll pose another question here -- do you feel, when reading my writing, that you have a sense of my personality?

When it comes to writing, I think what interests me most is the psychology of it -- learning characters (original or otherwise) from the inside out and trying to find out what someone *would do* in any given situation. That's what keeps me writing. That's what keeps me interested.

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