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I'm not panicking. No, really.

So the end of the semester is rolling around, and today was the day that I realized *exactly* how much I have left to do. By next Friday.

My reaction to this realization was something like this.

But, despite that, my day pretty much rocked. I've come to the conclusion that any day when I wake up before ten in the morning is going to be a good day. It puts me in a spring time frame of mind. You laugh, but it's true -- no matter what time I finally close my eyes and sleep, the earlier I wake up the more productive and cheerful I am during the day.

It's a weird, weird thing.

However, starting tommorow, I've *got* to buckle down. (My version of stress release today was to spend several hours in the library, watch PotC -- also, shoutout to latxcvi: SPARRINGTON! -- get lost while looking for "the perfect takeout place", and party). So if you don't see me around I'm probably off cobbling together a term paper and a workshop story for next week.

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