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Spam like you mean it.

I'd just like to join everyone else in the now familiar refrain of: So! Much! Snow! Ohmyfuckinggod!

It's only my second winter. So this is still a New Thing. And driving in the snow? An experience. I wasn't actually driving -- but I was in the car and we had to power through drifts, and push snow *off* the car before we could get in and all in all it was a hell of a lot more complicated than I had ever imagined snow driving to be.

You Learn Something New Everyday: You can buy blueberry juice. To drink. Blueberry juice. It's good. But, whoa. When did that happen?

And, here it is, your moment of spam:

Took the animal quiz. Am a very, very roostery Rooster. This makes me think of David Sedaris' brother.

Sanity quotient: Oh, I'd say rapidly dwindling. Yay end of the semester.
Panic barometer: High. Way high.
Today's sign of the apocalypse: I ate beef jerky. And liked it.

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