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I am not sick at all. I am perfectly healthy. My perfect health makes me the envy of all my friends. They point and they say "Look at that healthy girl! There's not a single outside pathogen in her system! She sleeps eight hours a night and eats three perfectly balanced meals a day! She drinks ten glasses of water and takes her vitamins! I wish I was her!"

I most assuredly do not have a fever and I do not sound like Tom Waits when I speak. I also don't have a sinus headache the likes of which could only be replicated by having angry dwarves mining in your skull for buried treasure. Or maybe that would be angry pirates, because, you know, TREASURE. But the point is they're not there. Because I'm totally not sick right now.

I can't be sick. Because I have so much work to do. I mean, *somuch*.

...goddamnit, I'm screwed.
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