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Let's blame this on the fever, shall we?

nifra_idril: it makes me laugh because I'm like "Lex and Max would get along about as well as...nothing. Ever. They'd hate each other."
nifra_idril:And Max and Clark? Oh my god. Max might eventually warm up a little bit to Clark, but in that way where she'd treat him like Joshua.
nifra_idril: Logan would just hate the hell out of both of them. Clark would irritate the hell out of him, and Lex he'd want to debunk on national television *immediately* if not sooner.

nifra_idril: Oh god...Max and Lana interacting. Ohmyfuckinggod.
nifra_idril: *dies laughing at mental image*
lyra_sena: *dies laughing with*
lyra_sena: it's unthinkable.
lyra_sena: jesus, the acrimony!
nifra_idril: Oh god.
nifra_idril: Max: "Can I get some coffee?"
nifra_idril: Lana: "Sure! What kind? We've got a special on the gingerbread soy milk latte today!"
nifra_idril: Max: "...What the hell are you talking about? I just want some coffee."
nifra_idril: Lana: "Wow. That was uncalled for. You really don't have to treat me like I'm an idiot."
lyra_sena: "Listen, bitch. Coffee. Now.:
nifra_idril: Max: "Yeah, well, you don't have to rub it in that you're all privileged and me and mine are the bottom of the feeding pole, aiight?"
nifra_idril: Logan: "She's a genetically engineered killing machine, you know."
lyra_sena: *dies*
nifra_idril: Clark: "What?"
nifra_idril: Lana: "My parents are dead."
nifra_idril: Chloe: "What do you mean genetically engineered killing machine?"
nifra_idril: Max: "I'm more than what Manticore made me! I don't need this from you!"
nifra_idril: Logan: "Wait! Come back! Max!"
nifra_idril: Lana: "My parents are dead."
nifra_idril: Clark: "What?"
nifra_idril: Lex: "I'm sexy."
nifra_idril: Chloe: "Clark, I don't have a crush on you anymore. Not at all. Not even a little bit."
lyra_sena: *diesdiesdies*
nifra_idril: Alec: "Whoa, hey there everybody. I was just off doing a thing that's going to ruin Max's night and end badly for all involved because I wanted to make some money."
lyra_sena: Alec! bwahaha!!
nifra_idril: Clark: "Lex, you're really great. I like you. You're my friend."
nifra_idril: Lex: "I want to do you."
nifra_idril: Lana: "But what about *me*?"
nifra_idril: Alec: "Is that a real cappucino maker?"
nifra_idril: Max: "No one understands the pressure I live under, yo. What if someone finds Joshua while we're gone?"
nifra_idril: Chloe: "What's a Joshua?"
lyra_sena: oh shit, my sides hurt now
nifra_idril: Lydecker: "WHERE ARE MY KIDS!?"
nifra_idril: Clark: "What?"
nifra_idril: Max: "We were just animals to you!"
nifra_idril: Logan: "You're not an animal to me!"
nifra_idril: Joshua: "Woof!"
nifra_idril: Clark: "What?"
nifra_idril: Lana: "ME!"
nifra_idril: Chloe: "Explain everything to me right now!"
nifra_idril: Lex: "Let's go screw."
nifra_idril: Alec: "Niiiice car out front. I'm just going to go...check it out."
lyra_sena: *giggles*
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