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OMG *stabs day repeatedly screaming DIE DIE DIE*

1. Being sick always makes me pissy as hell. And pathetic, also.

2. Waiting in health services for FIVE HOURS does not help much either.

3. Being told over the phone by health services "Oh, it's obvious that you have strep. Come in and we'll do the test, but we'll have antibiotics on hand because it's really just got to be strep." and then showing up, having both tests done and finding out that you in fact have a bloody *virus* that nothing at *all* can be done about really just chaps my ass.

4. Then being told that I just need to "sleep" for the next 7-10 days, when it's the END OF THE GODDAMNED SEMESTER and I've got SOMUCH stuff due in the next few days more than chaps my ass, it just...gah. I just blinked at the nurse and was like, "Uhm...right."

5. My workshop story is due tommorow. I finished it, but am muy insecure re: it. But finishing it meant spending HOURS UPON HOURS in the library tonight. Also, the library is cold.

6. Why do good things only happen when they're *inconvenient*?

7. I hatehatehatehate being sick.

There are more things I could whine about, but really, I've whined enough in the past couple of days. What all of you should go do is read the fabulous latxcvi's fabulous post about the uberfabulous Commodore Norrington, on whom I have a fabulous crush.

ETA: Links, because these things make me happy.

Do you ever ask yourself, "What Would Uncle Jesse do?"

There can be no real explanation for this. Just know that it's fabulous.

Mariah Carey explains it all. It being the way she talks. The explanations are very, very detailed.
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