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Sick Days Make Me Rambly

I'm sick. And my computer doesn't work right. And lyra_sena is in Ireland and I miss her already.

Did I mention that I get whiny when I don't feel well? Yeah, I bet you could guess. Rawrf.

So not feeling well meant that I stayed home from work and curled up around my craptacular computer, and watched episodes of TV shows I've downloaded and my new DVDs. And oh, do I ever love the movie Boondock Saints. Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedis are *ungodly* hot. Which is kind of funny, given that they play 'saints.' It's really too bad that they play brothers. They should be slashy friends. And really? I was coming up with a theory as to how they aren't brothers at all while I was watching. I decided that in the world of me, they're lovers who are in the closet. It's a *very* embryonic theory, and I'm probably not going to pursue it. Scratch probably. I *know* I'm not going to pursue it. But still. They're just so damned *hot* and they're so protective of one another. Touchier than most brothers probably are, I feel. Maybe it's just because I'm a slash maniac. But I think they should be having hot monkey sex. And that's that, goddamnit.

The new way my computer has decided to suck a lot: So siobhan_w recced a S/X story in her LJ. I clicked on the link and got far enough into it to really be excited about it, and want to know what was going to happen, and then my computer decided to turn off. To just up and frickin' turn off. So I turned it on again, and the same thing happened. And again. And oh, look one more time. So clearly, my computer doesn't want me reading S/X no matter how much I might want to.

There are days I think that my computer is my nemesis. Today may be one of those days. Once I finally have money and can buy a new computer, I'll enjoy seeing this one get smashed. Well. I won't smash it. But god, that would be nice. All that pent aggression splintering across the room in purple peices.

Positive things that happened today include bexless posting more of the fic popularly known as 'Roomies'. I, personally, am going to think of it as 'The Whack Adventures of 50 Kent and Lex Luthizzle, Yo". But no matter what you call it, it's good, and I love it, and seeing more of it made me just want to dance and dance and dance with joy. Also, weirdly, not being able to write something easily reminded me how much I love to write.

I think maybe I enjoy writing things that force me to struggle with them more than I do things that come easily. Because being forced to agonize over every word makes you *really* think about the language you're using. And I *love* getting lost in that kind of thinking. It's just...to paint things correctly, you have to have all the right paints, right? And picking those out can be fun, right? (I'm guessing. I know nothing about painting.) For me, picking out words is equally fun. So I pounded out *maybe* a page and a half today, and I'll probably write more later, but that page and a half was fun to write.

I think I want to watch a really stirring movie right now. Like something that'll make me want to go out and find a crusade or cry or something. Or even better, read something like that. I think I'll go putz around the internet and try to find something my computer will *allow* me to read.

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