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Conversations I've actually had in the past few days

Sister1: Ooh, Justice League is on. I love this show.
Me: Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Sister1: The best part is Flash. Is it weird to have a crush on a cartoon?
Me:....er. Well. No.
Sister1: You do, too, hunh?
Me: I plead the fifth.

Me: It's so nice to eat something that isn't chinese take out.
Grandmother: Chinese take out, hah.
Me: Uhm?
Grandmother: Do you want to know the truth about chinese food in New York?
Mother: Please, don't get her started.
Me: What?
Grandmother: I'll tell you the truth.
Mother: Oh dear God.
Me: The truth?
Grandmother: You think there are lots of chinese delivery places all over the city, but really, there's only one. It's underground, way below the city. All of the little storefronts are just facades -- the delivery guys use interconnecting tunnels to bring the food to the street.
Me:...like the Viet Cong? But with MSG rather than firepower?
Mother: You're encouraging her.
Grandmother: Exactly.
Me: What about the subways?
Grandmother: Oh, the tunnles run concurrent to the subway tunnels.
Me: ...right.

Me: Oh, look, a Superman doll.
Sister1: Boring.
Sister2: Flash is so much cooler than Superman.
Me: Bite your tongue!
Sister1: You guys aren't actually going to argue over this?
Me: Superman's the *best*!
Sister2: Maybe the best after Flash.
Sister1: Okay, so maybe you are going to argue over this.
Me: No, this isn't an arguement. We're not arguing.
Sister2: Yeah, becuase you're wrong and Superman totally sucks.
Me: I'll put knives in your family if you don't stop saying that.
Sister1: You are her family.
Me: Oh. Right.
Sister2: Superman totally sucks. *pause* The knives are in the kitchen.

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