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Love Shack, Baby

pun is a lovely brilliant lady, and her lovely interfandom match of lurve is one of the sweetest ideas I've seen in a long, long time. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit, but it's got me thinking about how important it is to let people know how impressed you are by them, and how much you appreciate them, and really? I don't do it often enough. All of you are incredibly talented -- I mean, so talented that sometimes I do that thing where you just stop and stare and say "Whoa. That's some hardcore talent." Because, you know, it generally is.

So, with that in mind...

thamiris, I love that you're an academic. Your posts massage my brain, and then I start thinking, and usually it takes me hours and hours to come down from the "Oh, geez, Tham's smart" high. Your SV stories were some of the first that I read in fandom, and I continue to be impressed by the consistency of your voice, and the animation of your prose. You've got a way with electrifying metaphors and similes that sing -- and then there's the porn which is just monitor meltingly, jaw droppingly hot. What I'm really impressed by when it comes to your porn, though, is that it's never gratuitous. No, hear me out, you're an author who makes every single motion and word reflect and illuminate character. In your hands, Clark and Lex can't blow their nose without it being an example of some facet of their personality and me? I love that about your writing. The dream sequences of Apocrypha continue to blow my mind every time I re-read it, as does Lex's interactions with the young actor. How to Lose Your Virginity and Other Old Tricks is a helluva fun romp. It's hot, it made me laugh, and it was just great -- it remains a perrenial favorite comfort fic of mine. I could go on listing fics of yours that make me point and say "Damn, I wish I wrote like that," but then I'd end up naming everything you'e ever written, so I'll restrain myself. Whenever you go meta on an episode, I grin, because I know that whether or not I agree with you, you'll have me really thinking. In short, you intimidate the hell out of me, but I like it that way, becuase you're so damned smart.

kattiya, oh my god do you bring the *guh* when you post your lovely pictures. I think there have definitely been times when you've put up new photos when I just sat and stared at the computer for an extended period of time making incoherent noises and flailing at the screen. I read about all the fun you and other LA people have together and am ridiculously jealous because you all sound lovely and like far too much fun.

meret, not only are you an inordinantly talented visual artist, your posts are always helpful. You point me toward interesting articles and issues, good fic, and pretty art. You made the most adorable Christmas icons, and are just generally a bright spot in the day.

God, I could do this all day. *laughs* Once the good will starts pouring out it just wants to keep going, and going, and going.

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