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07 January 2004 @ 12:26 am
I explode all over chat. (Or, How Lyra earns her muffin baskets)  

lyra_sena: *is howling in laughter over letter to Clakr*
lyra_sena: oh JESUS Nif
nifra_idril: I know.
nifra_idril: It's a thing at this point.
lyra_sena: in deed
nifra_idril: ...well.
nifra_idril: It's true.
nifra_idril: I was good to him.
lyra_sena: yes, you were
lyra_sena: SO GOOD!
nifra_idril: Sure, I hurt him like, what? Twce?
nifra_idril: Okay, maybe three times.
lyra_sena: and he's a bloody deserter
nifra_idril: But once wasn't my fault.
nifra_idril: Becuase Ryan dies on the show.
nifra_idril: And I didn't write that.
lyra_sena: exactly.
lyra_sena: of course not
nifra_idril: So, anyway.
nifra_idril: I get him laid like, repeatedly
nifra_idril: and he's all "I'm just going to go over here now"
nifra_idril: and over HERE is like, fucking, ECUADOR
nifra_idril: (whch, by the way, the Galapagos are a province of *wink*)
nifra_idril: And I'm all "You fuck! Come back!"
nifra_idril: And he's like "What's that? Go to Greenland? Sure!"
nifra_idril: And you and I both know that he misheard that on purpose
nifra_idril: and wow I need to just stop this right now.
lyra_sena: Galapagos! that bastard! Now he's trying to fuck Stephen, the dirty alien whore!
nifra_idril: I know, right!
nifra_idril: And Jack's all "Get the fuck off my ship, sir"
nifra_idril: and Clark's like "Blow me"
nifra_idril: and Stephen's like "I'll cut you, bitch."
lyra_sena: and then Lucas shows up and is like, "All y'all are bitches. Clark, get yer ass back to Nifra before she makes me have sex with Lex. Cuz if she makes me have sex with Lex, I'm gonna blow Kryptonite so far up your ass you'll be gargling green for decades."
[Bad username: nifra_idril:] Nah, Lucas is like "Stay the fuck away, ho. Nifra's *mine* now, and I'm going to have sex wth a fuckin' Wes Bentley look alike and potentially Lois, too, so just fuckin' ballet dance in the goddamned Arctic Circle if you like, but you come back and I put Kryptonite on yoru toilet paper, got it?"
nifra_idril: and then Morgan is like "Yours, huh? Big ego you got there, kid."
nifra_idril: And Lionel cuts in with "Indeed. You seem to think quite highly of yourself, Lucas."
nifra_idril And then there are the other fandom representatives who are all kind of just waving outside the window.
lyra_sena: this is a sad bunch.
nifra_idril: And Chloe's jumping up and down in the back like "Guys! Guys! She *wants* to write about me, 'kay?"
nifra_idril And they just stare at her breasts bounce.
nifra_idril: *facepalms*
nifra_idril: It's a special hell.
lyra_sena: *hands you green tea*
nifra_idril: *giggles* God, when I'm frustrated I'm insane.
lyra_sena: must. channel. *laughs* Yes, you are insane. In that very special Nifra way
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Tegan and Sarah - Want to Be Bad
Jerlugonn on January 7th, 2004 05:54 am (UTC)
I'm gonna blow Kryptonite so far up your ass you'll be gargling green for decades
You're killing me here. :-)
angry valleygirl thesaurus of trashtalkin'rageprufrock on January 7th, 2004 12:44 pm (UTC)


*smirks at cowering Clark* Yeah, I see you punk. Don't even start that shit with me. I think you'd better start behaving for Nifra, 'cause we all know how much Pru likes your PUNK, BEST-FRIEND-INJURING ass.

*petpet* Maybe he'll behave better now?
Anne: CLex COT Relic by LaPetite_Kikitobyfan on January 7th, 2004 03:54 pm (UTC)
Clark, get yer ass back to Nifra before she makes me have sex with Lex. Cuz if she makes me have sex with Lex, I'm gonna blow Kryptonite so far up your ass you'll be gargling green for decades.

iykwim: sadchloeiykwim on January 7th, 2004 10:02 pm (UTC)
So I know I'm a little late jumping onto your bandwagon, but I just read your story Leave No Scar and it was so great! I was going to read it at work, but then decided to print it off and read it during lunch, and am I ever glad I did!! I would have made quite a fool out of myself crying in front of everyone at the office, but somehow in my car in the parking lot of McDonald's was the perfect place!! I was feeling so sorry for Clark and then BAM! Poor Lex!! I didn't know I could be angry with Clark, but now I'm totally on Lex's side! See, this all happened because Clark didn't save him from the Asylum... stupid jerk Clark!

I was just reading through all the comments you received on the story and I just have to echo them all. Looking forward to more from you! :) I also have added you to my friends list, hope you don't mind!