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SV Fic: Boxing Clever 1/1

Thanks to lyra_sena for everything -- the beta, the putting up with me, the just generally being her thing and thanks likewise to linabean and bexless for letting me throw bits of it at you.

Pairing: Victoria/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Her voice is polite, proper, but her eyes are bold, and so are his.

Victoria Hardwick can tell that her father isn’t terribly impressed when he introduces her to Lex Luthor, but then, he’s always been a fool.

“Meet Lionel Luthor’s son,” Sir Harry says, perfunctorily, turning away. “I think you’re of an age.”

He’s not tall, and the most remarkable thing about him at first glance is his baldness, and the smooth sheen of his pale skin under the low party light.

“Hello, Lionel Luthor’s son,” she says, holding out a hand. “Pleased to meet you, I’m Sir Harry Hardwick’s daughter, if we’re identifying one another by our parents.”

His eyes are lazy and blue and his lips twist with amusement. He doesn’t let go of her hand. “Lex,” he says, spooling the word out like thread. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Victoria. And likewise,” Victoria returns. Her voice is polite, proper, but her eyes are bold, and so are his. Victoria likes the way he looks at her, and the way he looks in general; the subtle, slender slide of his body and the hot glide of his fingertips over hers.

She tugs on her hand, and he tugs back before letting go. “If you’re trying to escape,” he says, grinning, “then take me with you.”

When he laughs, she laughs with him, and she thinks his voice is like a ripple of whiskey – hot, rich, spicy.

Before she leaves she finds him, and slips her number into his pocket and her tongue into his ear. “It was very nice to meet you, Lex,” she tells him, nipping at his neck. “I’d love to further our… acquaintance.”

Lex drags his eyes over her body slowly, lids falling half-closed as he licks his bottom lip. “As would I, Victoria,” he tells her, and shivers skip along her spine. She drags her nails down his back, through the fabric of his suit jacket, and then leaves. He’s watching her walk away; she can feel it.


He shows up outside her father’s apartment driving something small and red and fast. She brings a bottle of vodka and a basket of sandwiches and turns the radio in Lex’s car up so loud that she feels it shaking her rib cage. He reaches over and toys with the pleated hem of her skirt, eyes sliding toward her in the rear view mirror, an eyebrow rising in question. Victoria laughs, and settles back into her seat.

“Impatient, are we?” she asks, letting her thighs fall apart.

Lex’s grin is delicious, and he knows it. The car goes faster, and his fingers trace up her thigh, whispering across her skin. Her hair whips forward over her eyes, and she purrs when Lex figures out she isn’t wearing underwear. Lex laughs, a low, rich, sexy sound, and she spreads her legs wider. He brushes a finger gently over her clit, and she growls.

“Now who’s impatient?” he asks, amused.

Victoria leans over to him, and whispers in his ear, “Pull the car over, and I’ll make you scream.”

“Very tempting,” Lex tells her, but he keeps driving. He flicks his thumb over her clit, and again, working up a rhythm in time to the thick bass of the music and then he slides two fingers into her. She arches her neck, and rocks her hips, riding his hand. She reaches up and cups her breast through the fabric of her shirt, pinches her own nipple. Lex is watching her in long sideways glances that flicker like tongues of fire.

When she comes, she screams and the wind swallows it up as Lex presses the car faster along the curving, empty road. She licks his fingers clean.


Lex’s body is tighter than Victoria thought it would be – taut, strong, and gleaming in the afternoon sun as she wraps her legs around him. He bites her shoulder hard, and she rakes her nails down his back, fierce. He fucks her faster, and pulls her hair and she flexes around his cock as he thrusts in and out, squeezing down, getting more, taking everything she can from his every single movement. His teeth rake over her throat, and he pounds into her – harder and faster, wilder with every stroke. Victoria takes his lip in her mouth, and tastes blood.

He doesn’t make a sound when he comes, and pauses just long enough to get his breath before sliding down her body, finishing her off with a clever, wicked tongue. His eyes flame up at her, hot and bright.

When it’s over, Lex sprawls across the blanket, eyes closed and smirking. She traces the half-moon mark of her teeth on his chest, and he catches her hand.

“So, have you ever been to Kansas before?” he asks her, and the smirk’s in his voice, too.

She stretches languidly, arching her whole body with a satisfied ‘mmm’. The sun’s warm against her skin. “Yes. It bores me,” she finally responds.

He opens one eye at that, and raises an eyebrow. “Oh, does it?” he asks, his gaze like a caress over her naked body.

Victoria shrugs, smiling at him as she snags the bottle of vodka and pours herself a drink. “I find the wholesomeness to be a bit…stifling.”

“Stifling,” Lex repeats, rolling onto his side, and trails a fingertip over her ribcage. She murmurs a protest and squirms as he finds a ticklish spot, and he shoots her a wide grin. “I’d hate to…stifle you.”

“Then by all means,” Victoria drawls, pulling him up her body by his shoulders, drink forgotten, “don’t.”


Lex’s bedroom is never dark. Light pours in through the huge windows all around the room, even in the stillest parts of the night, and Victoria has trouble sleeping. His fingers are still tangled in her hair, his face pressed against her neck. She strokes fingers over his lower back, frowning at the street lamps in thought. He brushes his lips over her jaw before pushing himself off her, onto his back.

“Lex?” she asks, twisting her fingers in the soft violet sheets.


Victoria rolls onto her side, and studies his sharp face, his clear, keen eyes. “What do you want?”

“Everything,” he answers immediately, with a smile like quicksilver. “What do you want?”

“Never to hear the word ‘no’ or ‘can’t’ again in my life,” she tells him. His smile widens, and she feels herself grinning, pulling him closer with a hand on his hip.

“I knew I liked you,” he says, and Victoria laughs.

“Our fathers trained us well,” she murmurs against his shoulder. “Didn’t they?”

“Better than they know,” he agrees, nibbling on her ear. “Much better.”
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